Jane Grigson’s Orange Mincemeat

It’s just occurred to me that I haven’t put on a Christmas recipe and it is only just over two weeks until the special day. This month has flown by at a scarily quick pace.

Luckily two weeks is just enough time to make this delicious orange flavoured mincemeat. Last year I gave you Mrs Beeton’s recipe, but this one comes from the wonderful Jane Grigson. It is very moist and because of the brandy, orange juice and orange liqueur. It is also vegetarian if you want it to be; the suet can be the vegetable-based sort, or you can leave it out altogether. Give it a go.

Jane Grigson

Jane Grigson

It is extremely easy to make: there is no cooking required so all you need to be able to do is chop, grate, mix and weigh. When you pot the mincemeat, it is very important you sterilise your jars. To do this first wash them in soapy water, then rinse and allow them to dry. Place the jars on a tray, with their lids sat beside them, facing upwards and pop them in the oven for 30 minutes at around 130⁰C. Let them cool a little before potting. If this seems a lot to make in one go, you can easily reduce the amounts as you see fit.

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Click here for the recipe I use for making mince pies.


250 g (8 oz) chopped candied peel

1 kg (2 lb) peeled, cored and grated apples

500 g (1 lb) suet (fresh or packed is fine, but fresh is best)

500 g (1 lb) currants

500 g (1 lb) raisins

500 g (1 lb) sultanas

500 g (1 lb) soft dark brown sugar

1 freshly grated nutmeg

125 g (4 oz) slivered almonds

Juice and zest of 2 oranges

4 tbs brandy

6-8 tbs orange liqueur

Mix all the ingredients together in a huge mixing bowl, then pot into sterilised jars. Store somewhere dark and cool, but not the fridge! Leave the mincemeat to mature for at least together before using it.



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7 responses to “Jane Grigson’s Orange Mincemeat

  1. sixlittlerabbits

    Please let us know how long to let the mincemeat mature before using it. Thanks!


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  3. Elizabeth Hill

    I adapted this to be vegan friendly by roasting hazelnuts to use in lieu of suet and it has just gotten better and better as time passes and is delicious in her broad town mince pie, which I freeze so can eat throughout the year!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It does get better. I don’t understand all the faff surrounding cooking your mincemeat. Just mix it all up and it never goes off.
      Good call on the hazelnuts…you can buy sustainably sourced palm oil based vegan diet these days from SUMA, by the way…it’s how I veganise my mincemeat…


  4. marilyn JUNE mccaw

    can this walnut and orange mincemeat be frozen

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m sure it’ll freeze fine, but there’s no need to really as I’ve made this mincemeat many times and it’s kept well for 2 years (It’s never lasted longer than that!)


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