Writing my blogs has meant that I have had the chance to appear in the media from time to time. It’s always great fun – and a great honour – to be asked to take part in projects.

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Amazing Christmas Cakes and Bakes, December 2021. Channel 5 were keen to film a Christmas special for their cakes and bakes show ready for Christmas 2021, however they put it out early on their streaming service My5. Check it out here. I talk about Christmas Cake, Christmas Pudding, Christmas food adverts of the past and lots of other things too.


Wonderful World of Cakes, November-December 2020. I became the resident food historian on this show on Channel 5, and it covered alot of subjects. Aside from sticking my twopenneth in on the topics covered, I also made some traditional recipes and broke the world record for the largest Jaffa Cake. Here’s a link to the show’s page on the Channel 5 website, and here’s episode 1:

Monkman and Seagull’s Genius Adventures, June 2020. I was asked to reproduce some of the dishes served up at the infamous nineteenth century Dino Dinner celebrating the first dinosaur sculptures displayed in Crystal Palace Park. Here’s a link to a clip of the scene.

Vice Magazine: A Brief History of the Humble Chip Butty, March 2020. Burger King now do a ‘Fries Sandwich’ and they think they are geniusus or something. I helped out with this article looking at the history of the proper chip butty.

British Food: a History Podcast Season 1 – Lent, February to April 2020. The first season of my podcast went out covering a huge variety of subjects from the Forme of Cury, to bean-to-bar chocolate making. Amonst others, I also interviewed the Bishop of Manchester David Walker and Professor of Zoology and writer Matthew Cobb. Click this link for the podcast page.

Monkman and Seagull’s Dino Dinner (BBC)


Britain’s Most Historic Towns, April 2018. I was asked to cook up some mediaeval food for presenter Alice Roberts as part of the Norman Winchester episode. I cooked up a delicious eel pie from Britain’s oldest cook book The Forme of Cury. Here’s a link to the full episode, and there is a clip below:


In 2015 I was asked by The Telegraph newspaper to take part in a cookery competition for food bloggers. Have never competed, I was pretty nervous at first, but in the end I did alright, coming second! The videos, articles and most of my recipes from the competition can be seen via this link.

Later in that year, I took part in a two-part Jane Grigson tribute special edition of BBC Radio 4‘s The Food Programme, where the life and influence of my food hero Jane Grigson was discussed. The episode was filmed in front of a live audience as part of Bristol Food Connections Festival. To listen to the episode, follow this link.