Dr. B’s on the telly: ‘Fantastic Cakes & Bakes’

Hello everyone.

Just a very quick post for a bit of shameless self-promotion. I’m not very good at bigging myself up, but I’m taking a deep breath and am doing it now because I’ve taken part in a new series on Channel 5 (the best of all the channels) called Fantastic Cakes and Bakes which looks at our love of baking and eating baked goods. I ended up being the resident food historian on it, but I also cooked up a few traditional bakes. The biggest thing was for episode 1 where you can watch me having a total nervous breakdown trying to make the world’s biggest Jaffa Cake.

So if you can, have a gander at 8pm tonight (1st Nov 2020) on Channel 5. I’ll be most grateful. I shall be watching (through fingers and with gritted teeth) and tweeting.

The team were great and the directors had bucketloads of patience with me and they should be applauded.

Here’s a link to the series: www.channel5.com/show/amazing-cakes-bakes/ or you can watch via YouTube.Here’s episode 1:

Here’s episode 2:

Laters! xxx

Wish me luck! (pic: Channel 5)


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7 responses to “Dr. B’s on the telly: ‘Fantastic Cakes & Bakes’

  1. Any way to see it over here in crazyland across the pond?

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  2. Dear Neil

    Hello from Prospect Books, which I run. I would love to get a copy of this brand new book by Samantha Bilton, First Catch Your Gingerbread – a history of ginger cakes, biscuits, breads, bars and savoury dishes using the crumbs in a delightful way. Please email me with your address!


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