One Million Hits!

Hello wonderful readers!

This week I made the great achievement of accruing one million views on British Food: a History, so this is just a very quick post to say thank you for subscribing to the blog, for reading and commenting on my posts and for cooking the recipes I put out there, even the weird ones!

A lot has happened in the last (almost) ten years since I started it – way back when I was living in St Louis as an evolutionary biologist – and there have been some major ups and downs between now and then. At low points I barely posted, but now I’m back in the swing and so chuffed about the lovely comments and discussions that get going on the blog.

All this writing has even landed me with a book commission which I am working on right now*, plus a smattering of recent television jobs. The podcast series which started earlier in the year (and will return once the book is written) was well received too it seems, so hopefully things are on the up, or will be once we have adjusted to our post-covid lives, whatever that will entail.

I know that none of this would be happening if you were not reading it, so thanks again! I’ll be toasting you all (or maybe wassailing you all?) this evening.

Neil xxx

*obviously not right now, I’m writing this right now.



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11 responses to “One Million Hits!

  1. Robert B

    My congratulations. I too have an interest in cooking antique recipes – especially British – and have followed both your blogs for several years now. Always enjoyed them.
    You should consider doing a YouTube vlog? There must be a big potential audience. Have you seen “Tasting History”? It has gone viral. In just 3 months since the lockdown began, he has developed 150,000 subscribers with over 1 million views!
    Whatever you do I look forward to following you.

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  2. sixlittlerabbits

    Happy to hear of this milestone. Wishing you all the best from NY, USA.

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  3. Onwards to the two million mark for your fine blog!

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  4. Was wonderful to be here with you at the start. You also of course already had the marvelous blog, Neil cooks Grigson. And your were a great evolutionary biologist as well. I hope you are fine in these troubled times. Miss you, your sense of good humor, and your cooking. I always think of you when I simmer a chicken, explaining just how many bubbles should surface in a minute (not many).

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  5. Congratulations! what a great achievement! And best wishes also with the book – do you have a title yet?

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  6. Christopher Monk

    Congrats! For both the million views and your book commission.

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