Competition: win a copy of ‘A Dark History of Sugar’

Well my book A Dark History of Sugar has been released onto the wild, and I am very pleased to say it has been (thus far) well received. Phew!

The book is out now to buy in the UK and is published by Pen & Sword History, RRP £20.

It’s available from the Pen & Sword website, as well as any of your favourite bookshops: Waterstones, Amazon, Blackwell’s and WHSmith, to name but a few.

BUT if you like, you can order a book straight from me for £18 plus postage. This is £2.85 in the UK, but if you’re ordering from another country, it’s whatever the going rate is.* If you would like to purchase a copy, drop me an email at I will of course, sign it for you.

People of North America: you will have to wait until 23 June 2022 before you can lay your hands on a copy. Rest of world: I literally know nothing!

HOWEVER, here’s a chance to win a signed copy – and it is open to anyone around the world. If you fancy having a go, all you have to do is answer this multiple choice question in the comments section below. I’ll reply to the winner on Sunday 5 June 7pm, GMT, so don’t forget to look at the comments and check to see if you have won.

Here goes:

A Dark History of Sugar charts the sinister global history of sugar, but where was sugar first cultivated?

A. New Guinea

B. China

C. Hawaii

D. India

When you leave your comment, don’t forget to check back to see if I have replied to your comment!

*So far I’ve posted to the Republic of Ireland and the US and prices have varied between £9.90 and £24!



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22 responses to “Competition: win a copy of ‘A Dark History of Sugar’

  1. Tim Appleton

    A. New Guinea

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  2. Nic

    New Guinea 🙂

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  3. Rick

    I theorise it was New Guinea.
    Congratulations on the book! You’ve come a long way since those early blog posts. x

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  4. Tetyana

    New Guinea.

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  5. enid

    New Guinea. Enid

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  6. Lisa D

    Thanks for the chance to win a copy of your book. The answer is: A. New Guinea.

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  7. a.

    my answer is D, india. congrats on the book! 🙂

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    New Guinea! Best wishes for lots of book sales. I’m sure this was a labor of love, and it must feel fabulous to see this baby in print!

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  9. Michelle Bennetts Heumann

    I’ll go with Hawaii?

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  10. Heather

    Well, Mr. Buttery, I’m hazarding a guess, New Guinea?
    I’m so excited about your book!! Good luck with it!!

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  11. New Guinea. I very much enjoy your blog on British food history. Congratulations on your book!

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  12. New Guinea? I look forward to reading your book, however I get it!

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  13. Ian Taylor

    Answer is New Guinea. Looking forward to reading this either way!

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  14. fionayb

    I will say the answer is A. New Guinea.

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  15. Eric Milletich

    The correct answer is A. New Guinea. Papua to be exact, All the way back in 8000 BCE.

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  16. New Guinea – and more importantly, congratulations on your book! What an absolute achievement.

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  17. Usha Casewell

    I was going to say D. India where it was produced from the sugarcane plant but it seems that the answer is A. New Guinea where it was probably first cultivated by the indigenous people who chewed raw sugarcane in 8000 BC

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  18. In our neighbour New Guinea 🙂

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  19. Bev

    New Guinea! Congratulations on the book!

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  20. The competition is now closed and I have picked a winner. Thanks to everyone who entered, and thank you for your lovely messages.

    Neil x


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